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Nitrogen services

PRS International provides nitrogen services on offshore and onshore locations. We have skilled and safety-trained (SCC) personnel with many years of experience in nitrogen services.

Nitrogen pumping services

Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, tasteless and inert gas under standard conditions. We offer project specific solutions which vary from:

  • 180K to 360K Atex nitrogen pump units with 10.000 psi working pressure suitable for onshore and offshore environments due to the small footprint.
  • Cryogenic booster pump for pumping liquid nitrogen and liquified natural gas know as LIN, LN 2 and LNG.

Nitrogen vaporizer services

  • Nitrogen vaporizers which can supply up to 850m3 nitrogen per vaporizer per hour.
  • Steam vaporisers with nitrogen injection temperatures from -20°C to 260°C.
High quality is our standard

We offer a wide range of nitrogen services:

  • Tightness & strenght testing
  • Helium leak testing
  • Nitrogen purging & drying 
  • Liquid / gas N2 reactor cool-down
  • Reactor heat-up
  • Hot-stripping
For more information: Our projects