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How we work

An optimal project result requires the best suitable approach. We look further than just the request.

Phase 1: Request for quotation

  • Engineering checks if we comply with the requirements and suggests solutions we can provide to the customers
  • Sales checks if the request for quotation fits our scope
  • Operations makes sure that the right equipment is available at the planned moment

Phase 2: Quotation

  • Engineering suggests the best work method for the customer
  • Sales provides the best possible offer for the customer
  • QHSE makes sure that all quality, health, safety, and environmental specs are in order

Phase 3: Project assigned

  • Operations starts preparing the project
  • Dedicated project manager will be assigned to the project to secure progress, quality, results, goals, and costs.

Phase 4: Project execution

  • Operations executes according the PRS International standards with respect to procedures and best work practice within the agreed upon scope of work
  • We keep the cliënt updated with the progress

Phase 5: Project rounded

  • Operations evaluates the project
  • Finance sends the pro-forma based on the executed and agreed upon work. When agreed they send the invoice
  • Sales evaluates the project with the customer

By evaluation of the learnings made in all our projects, we will always excel in our services 24/7.

Project data

We believe that it is very important to safely store the relevant project data gathered about projects on our own platform. This so we can act quickly and use all the knowledge we already have when a client wants us to execute a project.