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Turnaround Services

We provide a full range of turnaround and shutdown services.


For example we have the ability to deliver Steam Vaporizers, Ambient Vaporizers and Nitrogen Pump spreads up till 20.000 m³/h (high flow, high temperature or even low flow, low temperature) for all your Liquid and gaseous reactor cooldowns, Hot stripping, Purging or Catalyst clean out under N2 flow, and provide an explosion free work environment.


Turnaround services

We also provide all the helium/hydro and leak testing services needed. Prefab testing and in field testing to make sure that after the Shutdown or Turnaround the client has a leak free startup.


  • Nitrogen purging
  • Product Hot-stripping
  • Nitrogen reactor cooldown/ heat-up
  • Mechanical services
  • Testing services
  • Engineering services

Turnaround services

Nitrogen reactor cool-down

Cooling down a reactor is a time consuming process, often requiring up to four days when the conventional method is used. However, this cool down time can be shortened by several days at a fraction of the cost using the accelerated cool-down technique.

Nitrogen reactor cool-down

Chemical cleaning

Besides the standard cleaning methods, PRS International offers a wide range of chemical cleaning services for pipelines and process systems for the process industry and power plants. The use of solvents and/or surfactant-based cleaning chemicals is more effective than the traditional mechanical cleaning methods.

Chemical cleaning