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Pipeline services

PRS International provides a full range of pipeline precommissioning, decommissioning and umbilical services to the international oil and gas industries and to lay barge and subsea contractors. These services include project engineering, flooding, cleaning, gauging, pigging, hydrostatic testing, dewatering and drying.

Pipelines are regularly cleaned to ensure that operators can maintain their product specifications. This also improves the integrity and lifespan of the pipelines themselves. The results of our pipeline cleaning techniques are evident from internal pipeline inspections, improved product quality and increased flow rates.


We offer a wide range of Pipeline Services including:

  • Pipeline Inspections (ILI)
  • Pipeline Integrity Consultancy (Pipe Care)
  • Pipeline Pigging, Testing & Drying
  • Pipeline Pneumatic Testing
  • Pipeline Leak Testing
  • Pipeline Cleaning Online & Offline
  • Pipeline In-situ Coating
  • Pipeline Chemical Cleaning
  • Pipeline Decommissioning