The objectives of commissioning are to demonstrate and record the equipment or systems that have been modified or newly installed to ensure that they perform in accordance with specified requirements and to commission the item or system. While the extent of commissioning will vary according to the size of the facility, the objectives will remain the same.


The commissioning of large projects, such as chemical and petrochemical plants, oil and gas platforms and pipelines, is a complex and sophisticated technical specialty. PRS International has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge that enables it to provide excellent services for your project.



  • Steam & Air Blow Services
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Final Drying
  • Gas-up and Consultancy
  • Plant (Pre) Commissioning
  • Engineering Services

Commissioning services

Chemical cleaning

Besides the standard cleaning methods, PRS International offers a wide range of chemical cleaning services for pipelines and process systems for the process industry and power plants. The use of solvents and/or surfactant-based cleaning chemicals is more effective than the traditional mechanical cleaning methods.

Chemical cleaning

Pipeline pre-commissioning

PRS International’s specialist tasks are suitable for use during the entire lifecycle of the pipeline and are executed during construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and abandonment.

Pipeline pre-commissioning