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Moerdijk, The Netherlands

Pigging an oxygen line

Pigging an oxygen line that had its challenges in the past, but our customer had faith in us, and we did not disappoint.

Shell Moerdijk
The Netherlands

In April/May 2020, MEOD was planned to inspect the 10 inch oxygen line between the Air Liquide metering station and MEOD plot.

During the TA in 2017, during the launching procedure, the pig got stuck at multiple locations.

After these incidents, it was decided not to proceed further during the 2017 TA with the intelligent pigging inspection.

For the next inspection trail during the TA in 2020 a new plan was required which would overcome the problems which occurred in the previous session.

The PRS scope was;

  • Cleaning Materials & Equipment in according to the oxygen cleaning specs
  • Preparation of material
  • Cleaning of the pipeline with water
  • Inspection of the pipeline with water
  • Dewatering and drying to a dewpoint of -40 degrees with Nitrogen


The job was successful.