The following factsheets give you information about our available services.

Chemical cleaning

Besides the standard cleaning methods, PRS International offers a wide range of chemical cleaning services for pipelines and process systems for the process industry and power plants. The use of...

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Pipe freezing

Pipe freezing is an essential tool for the maintenance of all types of liquid storage, processes and transfer plants. The range of applications in which pipe freezing can provide cost-effective...

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Helium Leaktesting

Uncontrolled emissions, the loss of containment and the release of hazardous petrochemicals pose an immediate danger to Health, Safety and the Environment. Experience has shown that leaks do occur...

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Underground Leaktesting

The portability of the lightweight PRS Heli-testing equipment (Varian PHD-4) plays a major role in this application.

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Nitrogen reactor cool-down

Cooling down a reactor is a time consuming process, often requiring up to four days when the conventional method is used. However, this cool down time can be shortened by several days at a...

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Nitrogen Purging, Drying & Product Displacements

The hydrocarbon processing industry often processes hazardous products that must be removed from the facilities before any maintenance or cleaning work can be carried out. Systems are drained of...

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Pipeline pre-commissioning

PRS International’s specialist tasks are suitable for use during the entire lifecycle of the pipeline and are executed during construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and...

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In-Situ coating

Over time, the internal surfaces of steel pipelines are subject to the formation and build-up of aggressive corrosive deposits. These deposits facilitate internal pipeline corrosion and create...

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