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Underground Leaktesting

The portability of the lightweight PRS Heli-testing equipment (Varian PHD-4) plays a major role in this application.

Figuur 17 - SAM_1700

Leaktesting underground pipelines and storage tanks

Underground pipelines and storage tanks (UGST) are pressurised with Helium. Due to its high mobility, helium can escape through small leaks and can migrate to the surface. Here it can be easily detected by the PHD-4.


The accuracy, portability and light weight of this unit greatly simplify this process, particularly on construction sites or rough terrain that are difficult to access.


PRS UG Helium Leaktesting Services

  • Locates underground leaks at surface level
  • Prevents the escape of flammable toxic product
  • Simulates operational conditions
  • Reduces the water content of the underground facilities
  • Prevents the loss of production due to unplanned shutdowns.