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Pipeline pre-commissioning

PRS International’s specialist tasks are suitable for use during the entire lifecycle of the pipeline and are executed during construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and abandonment.

Pipeline commissioning

Pipeline construction always involves work to be executed under the most difficult circumstances. Pipelines cross deserts, mountains, rivers, lakes and domestic areas. It is vital that new pipelines are tested in terms of their strength and their leak tightness and are cleaned and freed of debris before being commissioned. PRS international and its partners have developed a complete pipeline commissioning package to guarantee a safe and smooth pipeline start-up.

Calliper pigging

PRS executes the pipeline geometry or calliper pig survey in close cooperation with its partners. The tool is purpose-built to measure any deformations in the pipe that might cause efficiency loss or debris build-up in the pipeline. Deformations will be measured and pinpointed so that the defects can be assessed and, if necessary, repaired before the pipeline is commissioned.