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Nitrogen Purging, Drying & Product Displacements

The hydrocarbon processing industry often processes hazardous products that must be removed from the facilities before any maintenance or cleaning work can be carried out. Systems are drained of fluids and any remaining gases are purged using Nitrogen. After the shutdown process, the systems often need to be dried. In most cases, plant nitrogen does not have the capacity to free up the systems as quickly as is needed.

Figuur 11 - H18

PRS Purging, Drying & Displacement Services are performed to reduce the hazardous content of hydrocarbon processing facilities.


Our methods deliver:

  • Fast displacement of product in pipelines by precalculating pig speed based on product “discharge flow”
  • Fast purging or drying by applying a combination of heat and flow to minimise downtime
  • Lower pipeline or vessel-hazardous product content for safer, faster interventions
  • Lower cost over conventional methods