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Nitrogen reactor cool-down

Cooling down a reactor is a time consuming process, often requiring up to four days when the conventional method is used. However, this cool down time can be shortened by several days at a fraction of the cost using the accelerated cool-down technique.

Reactor Cooldown

Reactor cool-down

The hydrocarbon processing industry adheres to a complex sequence of processes in order to reduce crude to useable end products. In the past, many of these processes used catalysts to improve effectiveness and efficiency. The increasing use of catalysts reduces the quality of crude and focuses on catalyst turnaround and handling times.


Enhanced nitrogen reactor cool-downs are performed to speed up the reactor cool-down process.


This method delivers:

  • Fast cool‐down to minimise downtime
  • Lower costs than conventional methods
  • Safe, controlled operation
  • Lower reactor entry temperatures for safer and faster work
  • Optimised cool-downs due to advance planning.