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Nitrogen equipment

The following factsheets provide information about the nitrogen equipment used by PRS International.

Freeze Jackets

Pipe freezing allows system modifications to be completed with little down time and little fluid discharge, fluid loss or spills. The PRS-International freeze jackets can set a freeze...

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Ambient Vaporizer Unit

The PRS fan forced double vaporizer unit has two separate vaporizer units and one 20.000ltr high pressure liquid Nitrogen tank. The units are installed on a trailer using the container lock system...

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Steam Vaporizer Unit

The Pipeline Refinery Services steam vaporizers are designed in accordance with PED and CE marking and certified according ATEX with the following codes: Ex II 3G T2.

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Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Nitrogen Tank is mounted within a container chassis by the use of conventional 20ft container connections.

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