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Internal Cleaning and Coating Application System (Insitu)

Over time, the internal surfaces of steel pipelines are subject to the formation and build-up of aggressive corrosive deposits. These deposits facilitate internal pipeline corrosion and create surface friction that reduces throughput. The costs of treatment programmes such as inhibitors increase with pipe age as their effectiveness declines. Left unchecked, internal corrosion will shorten pipeline life and increase the potential for leaks and pipeline failure.

Performed insitu

Pipeline Cleaning and Coating

PRS’ Internal Pipeline Cleaning and Coating process is designed to stop and prevent corrosion and to greatly reduce surface friction. Existing pipelines can be inspected, evaluated, cleaned and coated “in-place”.


The process first cleans the internal pipe surface using specially designed cleaning/scraper pigs, specialised chemicals and proprietary techniques. Then a multi-layered, thin film epoxy coating is applied to the internal surface to prevent the subsequent attachment of corrosive elements.