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We are proud to be accredited with ISO 9001 and see this as the minimum requirement, with the intention of exceeding all Quality Control Standards throughout every level and department of PRS International.



ISO 9001
PRS International - ISO 9001

ISO 9001

The management does not consider addressing health and safety as a regulatory burden. We recognize the importance of our role in this by providing strong leadership from top level hence our commitment in terms of resources and a determination to ensure that all PRS personnel return from operations intact and unharmed.


This commitment is further strengthened by the direct employment of a dedicated team of skilled safety experts and implementation of a comprehensive, hands on Safety Management System that has been developed based on many years of experience, full knowledge and understanding of work conditions and occupational hazards.

SCC - PRS International
PRS International - SCC 2008 5.1

SCC 2008 5.1

PRS International is a proud holder of the SCC Petrochemical 2008/5.1 certification This means that our safety management system was able to provide the highest level of service according to the regulations set by this certification.


All our employees have the basic SCC certificate and all our operational managers hold a VCA-VOL certificate.

FPAL Registration PRS International
FPAL Registration

FPAL Registered company

PRS International is proud to be a FPAL registered company. FPAL is used by major buying organisations within the UK and European oil & gas industry.


It enables companies within these sectors to use Achilles proven suppliers pre-qualification systems to identify and assess suppliers for trade opportunities and minimise risk within their supply chains, thereby saving time, resource and cost.